• Vendors

  • Our primary mission is to maximize the value created for Pepco Holdings, our shareholders and our customers by efficient and effective expenditure of funds for required materials and services.

    To accomplish this we:

    • Develop, implement and manage the strategic and operational functions of the entire Pepco Holdings supply chain to meet the operating, financial and service goals of our dynamic businesses
    • Recognize the value of diversity in every aspect of company operations; we strive to do business with qualified diverse suppliers
    • Work with our suppliers and internal customers to enable the efficient procurement of materials and services via electronic commerce, thus streamlining procurement transactions and processes
    • Provide maximum added value to our internal customers and maximize Pepco Holdings' return on investment, while developing a mutually beneficial relationship with our strategic suppliers
    • Seek to continually improve value to Pepco Holdings by utilizing best practices and developing continuous improvements programs with existing or new sources of supply

    Contact Strategic Sourcing

    By Mail: Pepco Holdings Strategic Sourcing 
                   630 Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd.
                   Wilmington, DE 19899-0231

    By email: supply.chain@pepco.com