Protecting Our Environment

Sustainability Drives PHI

“Sustainability” has come to mean many things in today’s world. For Pepco Holdings, Inc. (PHI), it embodies the sum of the vision and values that have long guided our policy development and day-to-day operational decisions: environmental stewardship and resource conservation. We understand sustainable practices to be those that meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Over the past several years, the context for our annual environment report has grown beyond traditional subjects like regulatory compliance and right-of-way maintenance to include issues like corporate and customer energy conservation programs, Smart Grid initiatives and much more. That is why last year we debuted Powering a Sustainable Future − Pepco Holdings, Inc. Annual Environmental Sustainability Report. The report presents a well-rounded picture of all PHI’s businesses.

As a result, it showcases the environmental activities and improvements to business and operating processes achieved by PHI and by the power delivery, generation, energy supply and energy management businesses. It demonstrates that PHI is following through on the commitments contained in our Corporate Environmental Policy and in public statements we have made over the last few years regarding the Blueprint for the Future and other energy and resource conservation programs.

We hope you will take a moment to page through our report online. You are also most welcome to download it and print it for personal use and for sharing on a noncommercial basis.