• Security

  • It is the policy of Pepco Holdings, Inc. and its affiliates (collectively, "PHI" or the "Company") to provide security procedures and guidelines that protect personnel and assets, prevent the loss of services to our customers, and restore those services as quickly as possible if they are interrupted. To that end, the Company has established this policy to protect our employees, others working at or on behalf of the Company and assets from damage and to prevent any unauthorized use or release of Company assets, including confidential Company information.

    It is Company policy that no employee or any other person working at or on behalf of the Company, regardless of employment status, may be in possession of firearms, weapons, explosives, non-prescribed controlled substances, drug paraphernalia, or other dangerous devices, regardless of intended use. This prohibition applies while on or near Company property or while in Company or personal vehicles, and/or while in the presence of Company employees or others working at or on behalf of the Company, regardless of employment status or work location when conducting business of the Company. The Company must authorize any exception (e.g., law enforcement support) to this provision.

    Similarly, threats of bodily harm to co-workers or supervisors, either on or off company property, are prohibited.

    The Company has the right to conduct searches of all property in use at Company facilities, including work sites. This includes personal property of employees and of all others working at or on behalf of the Company, regardless of employment status. This provision includes Company property (e.g., lockers, offices, vehicles, and equipment including personal computers owned by the Company) and personal vehicles and other personal property, including briefcases, gym bags, handbags, tool boxes and the like while on Company property. If you believe a search is warranted, you should contact your supervisor and Security prior to taking any action.

    The unauthorized possession and or disposal of company property for personal gain or the gain of another is prohibited.

    Employees, contractors, consultants, vendors and all others who work at or on behalf of PHI are expected to comply with this Security Policy.