• Improving Reliability

  • We are committed to enhancing reliability and the customer experience. We're investing in our transmission and distribution systems across the Pepco Holdings footprint. 

    Trimming Trees

    We have more than doubled our tree trimming work, as trees and limbs that fall on power lines are a direct cause of power outages, especially during severe weather. 

    Upgrading Priority Feeders

    We are replacing the sections of critical feeders, which are sections of power lines that bring electricity to a neighborhood, that are not working properly.

    Replacing Aging Infrastructure

    We are renewing underground lines, replacing poles and transformers, switching from wood cross-arms to fiberglass, and making other upgrades above and below ground throughout our system.

    Installing Advanced Technology

    We are installing new fault indicators and advanced switches that allow us to quickly identify the source of outages and reroute power for faster restoration.

    Preparing for System Growth

    We are making upgrades to address current and future needs of growing communities.

    Undergrounding Lines

    We are selectively replacing the traditional overhead system that does not meet our reliability goals with underground lines.

    Read our 2012-2013 Sustainability and Corporate Citizenship Report to learn more about our Reliability Enhancement Plan.