• Ethical Conduct

  • It is the policy of Pepco Holdings, Inc. and its affiliates (collectively, “PHI” or the “Company”) that employees and others working at or on behalf of the Company behave ethically in all aspects of work-related activities.   At PHI, our core values include safety, accountability, integrity, diversity and excellence. This means, among other things, that we make safety the most important part of everything we do. We accept responsibility for our actions and behaviors. We do the right thing. We treat everyone with dignity and respect. And we strive to be the best. Putting these principles into practice requires careful thought and judgment. It is expected that every employee and all other persons working at or on behalf of PHI will behave and think ethically in their work and apply careful thought and judgment to all business matters. Below are some suggestions to guide employees. At all times, such persons are free-and encouraged-to consult with their supervisor and with PHI's Ethics Officer.

    What are Ethics?

    Ethics are principles of right or good behavior that govern the conduct of members of a group. 

    What Ethics Mean at PHI

    Acting with truthfulness and candor. Keeping our word to customers and coworkers. Making the right commitments, honoring them and accepting responsibility. Working in such as a way as to protect the safety of employees, and the general public. Accepting personal responsibility for behavior and performance. Respecting the rights, interests and opinions of others. Standing up for what is right and fair. Protecting the assets-both tangible and intangible-of PHI. Complying with the law.

    When are we expected to behave this way?

    In everything we do in connection with our work, even when no one is checking up on our behavior.