• Employment of Relatives

  • It is the business policy of Pepco Holdings, Inc., its subsidiaries and affiliates (together, “PHI” or “the Company") to consider relatives of current employees for employment solely on the basis of qualifications and the ability to perform a job at the Company.  To avoid any actual or perceived conflicts of interest, however, relatives may not work within the same management chain or in positions where they may participate in employment decisions involving a relative. 



    For the purpose of this policy, relatives are defined as: spouse, son, daughter, mother, father, brother, sister, grandparent or child, step-parent or child, step-sister, step-brother, in-laws, aunt, uncle, nephew, niece, first cousin, significant other, domestic partner, anyone who is a member of an employee's household, or any other relationship that would present a potential conflict of interest, as determined by the Company. 

    Management Chain

    A direct or indirect reporting relationship.

    Employment Decisions

    For purposes of this policy, employment decisions include situations where an employee may participate in the hiring, training, progression, or promotion of a relative who is an employee or applicant, or other decisions that pose an actual or perceived conflict of interest.  


    This policy applies to all applicants for employment to PHI and all current PHI employees.  No action shall be taken with regard to a current employment situation which would violate this policy but which existed before the effective date of the policy, unless the relative relationship was not previously disclosed or represents a violation of another policy, however, employees may not participate in employment decisions involving or affecting a relative.  The Company may consider relative relationships as a factor in any employment decisions that arise after the effective date of this policy.  However, this policy does not affect bargaining unit employees’ rights to bid on positions within the Company.  Additionally, when employees are working storm duty or other similar emergency situations, employee relatives may be permitted to work together as part of their storm duty role or assignment.

    When a situation occurs which results in a violation of this policy (whether because of the marriage of two employees or some other circumstance), each employee involved has the responsibility to immediately inform management.  One of the employees involved will be required to resign or transfer to a different management chain or position with no conflict of interest.  The employees will be expected to determine which of them will transfer or resign and will be required to inform the Company of their decision and then effectuate the change within a three-month period after they meet the definition of relative.  Human Resources will assist the employee making the employment change, but the accountability to find a new position remains with the employee.  If one employee has not transferred or resigned within 90 days, the Company will exercise its discretion and decide, based on its business needs, which employee will be reassigned or remain employed.