• Electronic Communications

  • It is the policy of Pepco Holdings, Inc. and its affiliates (collectively, “PHI” or the “Company”) to protect the integrity of PHI's information technologies and computer resources. Employees, contractors, consultants, vendors and all others working at or on behalf of PHI who use these technologies and computer resources are expected at all times to respect the integrity of PHI’s information and associated resources, which are part of PHI’s technology environment and the licenses and agreements between PHI and technology providers.

    These technologies and computer facilities are solely for the use of authorized individuals performing work in accordance with the policies referenced below. All information contained in them is the property of PHI. To assure appropriate operation and usage, all use may be monitored, recorded and reviewed. Use of such technologies and computer facilities constitutes consent to such monitoring.

    The PHI Information Technology Security Policies and Standards apply to all PHI employees, contractors, part-time and temporary workers and those employed by others to perform work on company premises or who have been granted access to company information or systems. PHI adopted these policies and standards to ensure that its information assets are protected in a manner that is cost-effective and that reduces the risk of unauthorized information disclosure, modification, or destruction, whether accidental or intentional. These policies and standards also contain information relating to electronic communications under the Acceptable Use Policy, specifically the following standards: Internet Acceptable Use Standard, Electronic Mail Acceptable Use Standard, Telecommunications Acceptable Use Standard, and Instant Messaging Acceptable Use Standard, each of which may be found in the PHI Information Technology Security Policies and Standards linked above.  

    Pepco Energy Services employees should contact their respective business unit heads for additional information regarding their individual business policies concerning electronic communications and computer security.