• Diversity

  • Message from the Director, Talent Management, Diversity & Inclusion
    Robert E. Grasty 

    Robert GrastyPHI is fully committed to an inclusive and diverse workforce. We know a culturally diverse environment fuels innovation, inspires ideas and ultimately contributes to our company's success. Our commitment to diversity and inclusion in our workforce and within the communities in which we live and serve is evident by the recognition we have received from DiversityInc, Black Enterprise Magazine, Hispanic Business Magazine, the Minority Corporate Council Association, AARP and Fortune Magazine.

    This commitment is continually supported and sustained by maximizing our human capital in creating an enterprise-wide focus on culture, engagement and capability through integrated talent acquisition, development, and retention. We recognize the strategic importance of aligning our people and culture with changes in our organizational structure and business strategy. All that we do underscores our commitment to excellence and to the creation of a welcoming and supportive environment for all employees.

    As PHI's Director of Talent Management, Diversity & Inclusion, I serve as the steward of our corporate talent management, diversity and inclusion strategy. However, we are all accountable for creating a work environment that distinguishes PHI as an employer of choice.

    "Diversity is about counting numbers and who is in the room. When I look at inclusion, it's about a culture that is welcoming, collaborative and productive for all employees. Each person in the room is accountable, has equal value, their voice is given equal measure, and their perspective has an impact on operations and the company's bottom line."