• Diversity Message From CEO

  • Diversity Works at PHI

    Joe RigbyAt PHI, Supplier Diversity is a key strategic initiative. We understand that when we help companies grow, they hire people; those people buy our products and services and that helps fuel the growth of PHI and the economy. 

    Our commitment to a diverse supplier base is demonstrated by our long-standing practice of helping diverse suppliers assess contracting opportunities within PHI companies and from PHI prime contractors. We believe proactive inclusion of diverse suppliers who offer the quality, value and services we need strengthens the availability of competitive goods and services to PHI. Just as we reinvest in our company to grow, we also invest in our community to ensure growth and quality of life.

    As a key component of our diversity initiatives, Supplier Diversity aims to expand contracting opportunities for diverse suppliers. Supplier Diversity is a core value of our company and one of many ways we strive to meet our corporate responsibilities to the communities we serve. 

    Diversity works at Pepco Holdings, Inc. 

    Joe Rigby

    Chairman, President and CEO