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    After a long summer of planning, construction and landscaping, a new eco-friendly demonstration house has found a permanent place on Pepco property in Rockville, Md.
    The Pepco WaterShed Sustainability Center includes an energy-efficient house that was designed and built by students and faculty from the University of Maryland, and which won first place in the U.S. Department of Energy’s 2011 solar decathlon on the National Mall. PHI bought the house in 2012 and has worked ever since with the student team to relocate it to the 5,000-square-foot site adjacent to its Rockville Service Center in Maryland.

    No one will live there, but it will demonstrate sustainable building design, renewable energy, a microgrid and how smart-grid technologies can be integrated into daily life. It is designed as net-zero energy home that can also harvest, recycle and reuse water, so proximity to local wetlands was an added advantage of the new site.

    To make the center more serviceable for school field trips and other educational tours, as well as for customers and employees who just want to drop in, Pepco constructed another building on the site to provide meeting and display space along with public restrooms.

    The house opens to the public in 2014 and we hope it will inspire us all that a sustainable lifestyle is within reach.