FERC Standards of Conduct

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The high-voltage transmission facilities of Atlantic City Electric Company ("ACE"), Delmarva Power & Light Company ("Delmarva") and Potomac Electric Power Company ("Pepco") ("collectively, the PHI Companies") are part of the mid-Atlantic power grid known as the PJM Interconnection, LLC (PJM). PJM is an Independent System Operator and directs the operation of a transmission grid covering the mid-Atlantic region. PJM also is the tariff administrator for all transmission owners within the PJM control area and provides all transmission service.

The electric utility industry has changed substantially in the last several years. Restructuring within the PHI companies' service areas allows retail customers to shop for their electricity supplier. Open access to transmission lines has fostered a more competitive energy market by enabling customers to access other suppliers.

The PHI companies adhere to Standards of Conduct that are set forth by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. These Standards of Conduct assure neutrality in business dealings with our transmission and energy marketing functions. To view our compliance material, please visit the links on the left side of this page. The Standards of Conduct Chief Compliance Officer is Joy J. Dorsey. Please contact Ms. Dorsey at (202) 872-2033 or at jjdorsey@pepco.com if you have any questions about the FERC Standards of Conduct.

Information on the capacity of the PHI companies transmission systems is available at the PJM Oasis Web site.

Transmission customers should reserve transmission service through the PJM Oasis Web site.