• Pepco DC SOS RFP

  • Retail choice began in the District of Columbia on January 1, 2001. Under the retail choice program, retail customers can select their provider of electric power from several licensed retail power suppliers. Standard Offer Service (“SOS”) is available from the Potomac Electric Power Company (“PEPCO”) for those customers: (1) who contract for electricity with an electricity supplier, but who fail to receive delivery of electricity under such contracts; (2) who cannot arrange to purchase electricity from an alternative electricity supplier; (3) who do not choose an alternative electricity supplier or choose to receive SOS from Pepco. PEPCO’s provision of SOS at fixed prices expired on February 7, 2005; In Order No. 13118, dated March 1, 2004, the Public Service Commission of the District of Columbia (“Commission”) adopted a wholesale procurement model to be used by PEPCO to acquire full requirements service to meet the SOS load after February 7, 2005. The rules and regulations governing the procurement process and the solicitation documents including the Request for Proposals (“RFP”) and Wholesale Full Requirements Service Agreement (“WFRSA”) were further detailed in Order Nos. 13115, 13225, 15313 and 17863. These Orders are available at www.dcpsc.org.

    In January 2017, Pepco completed its thirteenth Commission approved bidding process and began providing SOS through supply contracts awarded to winning suppliers in the wholesale competitive market. Some of the awarded contracts are scheduled to expire May 31, 2018 and must be replaced in a fourteenth year of bidding.  The Commission issued Order No. 19126 modifying the RFP and WFRSA as is reflected in this RFP and WFRSA for the thirteenth year of bidding. Order No. 19126 is available at www.dcpsc.org.

    This RFP reflects the wholesale bidding process set forth in the Orders referenced above, to solicit proposals from suppliers interested in providing SOS to PEPCO for the customer classes and terms indicated in Section 2.2 (Product Definition). The RFP is for full-requirements wholesale supply service to meet the needs of PEPCO’s SOS retail load obligation as described in this document. Successful bidders will be required to execute a WFRSA.

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