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    Pepco Energy Services donated and installed the 162 solar panels
    on the carousel at the National Zoo.

    For the seventh consecutive year, Pepco was the lead sponsor of ZooLights, an all LED holiday light show at the National Zoo in Washington, D.C. ZooLights features larger-than-life displays of the zoo's most popular animals, all constructed of LED lights that use about 90 percent less energy than traditional incandescent light bulbs.

    ZooLights has become a popular holiday tradition, drawing more than 181,000 visitors this year. About 100 Pepco employee volunteers distributed energy saving and My Account information, along with thousands of glowsticks to both kids and adults.

    Pepco Energy Services donated and installed the 162 solar panels that light and power the zoo’s wooden carousel, the Speedwell Foundation Conservation Carousel, which is one of the only solar-powered carousels in the world. The carousel opened in late 2012 and features hand-carved and hand-painted animals representing endangered species or formerly endangered species. The carousel has a net-zero impact on the zoo’s energy consumption and any excess energy is diverted back to the zoo’s electrical grid.

    Pepco Energy Services also donated the interactive digital dashboard that allows guests to see how the carousel generates and uses solar energy in real time. A touch-screen display translates the energy the Conservation Carousel saves into more familiar terms, such as the number of trees saved, the hours of video games that could be played or the cups of coffee that could be brewed with the same amount of energy. Using the dashboard, visitors can see how much energy the carousel has saved since its debut.