• Utility Energy Efficiency Programs

  • Utility Energy Efficiency Programs

    PHI is installing smart thermostats in residences that will help customers save energy and money on hot summer days when demand for electricity is highest.

    We are in the seventh year of implementing our plan to help customers better manage their energy use and costs. This plan includes corporate and regulatory initiatives such as electric vehicles and incentive-based Demand Side Management (DSM) programs, and is helping the regions we serve move toward a more sustainable energy future. To implement the plan, we operate energy efficiency programs and campaigns and engage in partnerships with retailers and energy efficiency service providers. These partnerships provide customers direct access to information and incentives to help them save money, save energy and reduce environmental impacts.


    Residential Program Highlights

    In 2013, our Energy Wise Rewards program offered Web-programmable thermostats or outdoor switches−both direct load control devices−in Maryland, New Jersey, Delaware and the District of Columbia. These devices permit the company to remotely control residential central air conditioning compressors for short periods of time during high energy-use periods.

    Direct Load Savings 2013

    We operated a legacy direct load control program, Energy for Tomorrow, in Delaware; we discontinued the program in Maryland in 2013. We continued to operate the Peak Savers Club in New Jersey.

    In Maryland, Delmarva Power and Pepco offered a suite of residential energy efficiency programs that supported the statewide EmPOWER Maryland initiative to reduce electric consumption and demand. In 2013, we enhanced certain residential programs to encourage program participation by our customers, and filed requests with the regulatory agency to increase rebate incentives for specific program measures. Major programs offered included:      

    • Lighting - Instant in-store discounts up to $10 were offered at participating stores on select ENERGY STAR® certified compact fluorescent light bulbs and lighting fixtures, light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs, LED fixtures and LED decorative light strings. The utilities worked with manufacturers and retailers to make it easy for customers to purchase these items in Maryland stores. The new incentive structure plus an expanded variety of models resulted in an increase in LED sales. Also in 2013, Pepco and Delmarva Power launched an online tool in Maryland called Dreamstreet that is used to find local energy-efficient lighting and appliance products. Pepco launched “Bulb Swap Blitz,” a rich-media, mobile banner ad series for the lighting program to engage and educate mobile device users.
    • Appliance Rebates - Rebates were offered for the purchase of ENERGY STAR®certified refrigerators, washing machines, freezers, dehumidifiers, room air conditioners, and hybrid water heaters as well as energy-efficient electric water heaters.
    • Appliance Recycling - Monetary incentives were paid to customers to remove from their homes, transport and deconstruct old, working refrigerators, freezers, and room air conditioners (picked up in conjunction with a refrigerator or freezer): $50 for refrigerator or freezer; $25 for room A/C.
    • Quick Home Energy Check-ups - More than 37,500 check-ups were completed in Pepco’s Maryland service territory for residential and multi-unit building customers in 2013. Also, Pepco and Delmarva Power launched in Maryland the QHEC Mobile Tool, a more streamlined data collection, invoice submission, and customer report generating program for subcontractors.
    • Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® - Rebates for energy efficiency measures offered through the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® Program are up to $2,750.  
    • HVAC Efficiency - Rebates offered customers three great ways to save on HVAC equipment and services and to help increase energy efficiency and reduce heating and cooling costs: (1) Up to $500 for high efficiency heating and cooling equipment upgrades, (2) $250 rebate for sealing a duct distribution system, and (3) $100 rebate for meeting the minimum efficiency criteria of a Performance Tune-up for an existing electric air source heat pump or central air conditioning system.
    • ENERGY STAR® New Homes - This program motivates the construction of ENERGY STAR® certified new homes, which are built better than standard new construction homes, and deliver better comfort, indoor air quality and reduced heating, cooling and water costs to customers. Rebates were offered to the builders.

    Commercial Program Highlights

    Delmarva Power and Pepco offered commercial and industrial customers in Maryland a suite of energy efficiency programs through the EmPOWER Maryland program. Major initiatives included the Existing Buildings program, which provides pre-defined cash incentives for the installation of energy efficiency measures on lighting, lighting controls, commercial refrigeration and kitchen equipment. The Custom Incentive program provides incentives for other efficiency measures, systems and technologies based on projected annual energy savings. The program also offers incentives for building operators to receive training on building system operations and maintenance.

    The New Construction program provides incentives for energy efficient building design and installation of efficient technologies and systems. The Small Business Customer program offers a simple energy audit; installation of low-cost, energy-saving measures; and enhanced incentives that pay up to 90 percent of the installed cost of an energy-efficiency project. The Master-Metered Multi Family Buildings program offers incentives for the purchase of ENERGY STAR® appliances, energy efficiency measures for common areas and a Quick Home Energy Checkup.

    In 2013, the Small Business Customer program was enhanced in the Pepco territory with the Small Business Energy Advance. This enables participating customers to repay their portion of the cost of an energy efficiency project through monthly installments on their electric bill, with no interest, in terms of up to 24 months.

    The Combined Heat and Power program offers up to $2 million in incentives for the installation of electricity generating plants capable of producing useful heat that can be distributed through a facility.