• SunShot Study

  • In an effort partially funded by a Department of Energy program called Solar Utility Networks: Replicable Innovations in Solar Energy (SUNRISE), PHI is developing long-term strategic plans that integrate high levels of renewable energy generation and ensure reliable real-time power system operation under high renewable penetration. Main objectives for the work include:

    • Voltage Control Device Setting Practice. Develop and field test a new autonomous voltage control device setting practice that creates “headroom” so that customers who own generation can export power without causing over voltages at the meter.  This will also increase feeder hosting capacity and potentially open feeders currently closed to solar photovoltaics (PV). 
    • Feeder Hosting Capacity Evaluation.  Use Distributed Engineering Workstation (DEW)/Integrated System Model (ISM) analysis to evaluate increased hosting capacity from voltage control device settings together with other improvements such as phase balancing, capacitor sizing and placement, and use of advanced PV inverter controls and storage.
    • High Penetration Renewables Real-Time Operations Monitoring, Forecast and Control.  Combine feeder performance, autonomous voltage control device simulation and EDD Voltage Control analysis to implement an integrated distribution and transmission (T&D) simulation that Operations personnel use to forecast and monitor the effects of PV and other DER.  The system will identify potential PV driven problems and effects across the entire T&D system.  Simulating central control, the system will also automatically generate coordinated voltage and var control and advanced PV inverter set point recommendations using prioritized multi-objective goals with user specified operating limits.  This will improve hosting capacity while monitoring and improving efficiency.
    • Advanced Solar Forecasting and Back Casting.  Evaluate use of simulated PV clear sky and cloudy day variability output measurements for time-series, temporal, quasi-steady state planning and operations management analysis and simulation.

    July 17 SunShot Study Status Update

    For more information about the Department of Energy's SUNSHOT program:

    Award Number: DE-EE0006328