• Stakeholder Engagement

  • The following chart lists PHI’s key stakeholders and the principal means by which we communicate and engage with each stakeholder group. 

    Utility Description
    How we communicate and engage with them
    The nearly 2 million customers in Delaware, the District of Columbia, Maryland and New Jersey who are provided electric service by PHI's regulated electric utilities and natural gas service from Delmarva Power
    • Social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogs)
    • Mobile device apps
    • News briefs
    • Bill inserts
    • Community events
    • Customer Advocate outreach
    • Nonprofit organizations
    • Community agencies
    • Open houses
    • Consumer panels
    • Speakers Bureau
    • Payment plan options and energy assistance programs

    The personnel who help successfully operate our business and serve our customers
    • Employee mentoring program
    • Training programs
    • Health and wellness programs
    • Employee newsletters
    • Intranet/Internet
    • Employee briefings
    • Social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogs)
    • Employee surveys
    • Lunch-and-learns
    • Community events and volunteer activities
    • myPHIhr website
    • Employee associations
    • askHR

    Our investor base, which is primarily institutional investors, with the remaining being retail investors and employees  
    • Annual meeting of stockholders
    • Conferences (industry or bank-hosted)
    • Annual PHI-hosted analyst conference
    • One-on-one or group meetings with investors
    • Conference calls and webcasts
    • Earnings announcements
    • Blast email messages (earnings releases, conference announcements)
    • SEC filings
    • Website postings (presentations, SEC filings, regulatory filings, press releases, calendar of events)
    • Annual reporting−Carbon Disclosure Project, Sustainability report
    • Phone calls
    • Email
    • Mailings

    Diverse companies offering competitive goods and services to PHI for transmission and distribution services
    • Support of diverse suppliers (minority, women, service-disabled veterans and handicapped/sheltered workshops)
    • Provide competitive opportunities for qualified diverse businesses
    • Working groups
    • Diverse business advocacy organizations
    • Meetings
    • Networking
    • Reporting to PSCs

    Our regulators are those who oversee PHI's operations
    • Working groups
    • Official filings
    • Public workshops
    • Phone calls
    • Meetings
    • Letters
    • Data requests

    The citizens and residents, and the area included within the territories that PHI serves. We strive to practice good corporate citizenship
    • Guiding Light Leadership Program
    • School outreach
    • Community Advisory Group
    • Social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogs)
    • Internet
    • Volunteer activities
    • Fundraising campaigns, activities and events for multiple organizations and causes
    • Community tournaments and competitions
    • Environmental and Earth Day clean-up activities and events
    • Community events in the Pepco Edison Place Gallery
    • Email for contributions request
    • Education workshops for municipalities

    Elected Officials
    The elected officials who govern the territories within which PHI provides service
    • Regional public affairs representatives
    • Government calls
    • Community focus groups
    • Monthly reliability updates
    • Quarterly conference calls for elected officials
    • Press releases
    • Hearings
    • Briefings
    • Written and oral testimony
    • Letters
    • Phone calls
    • Text messages
    • Emails
    • One-on-one meetings
    • Regional presidents
    • Regional vice presidents
    • Regional government affairs managers
    • Newsletters