• Spill Prevention

  • We conduct operations at more than 435 facilities and maintain nearly 46,000 miles of transmission and distribution overhead lines and underground cables. As part of our operations, as with most electric utilities, we use various types of oil-filled equipment, such as transformers and circuit breakers.  

    In 2013, we spent more than $13 million to improve spill-containment measures and replace aging oil-filled equipment in order to reduce the risk of accidental releases. Our personnel are trained and equipped to respond immediately and to clean up spills from leaking or defective equipment, and are further supported by dedicated spill contract personnel when needed.

    PHI utility operating companies do business in four jurisdictions, each of which has its own quantity threshold for recording spills of chemicals, oils and fuels to the environment. In 2013, PHI recorded 64 mineral oil spills, or just over 15,000 gallons of mineral oil. In all cases, immediate actions were taken to control and clean up these spills.  

    In accordance with the relevant financial reporting requirements, only one of the 64 spills was reported in PHI’s financial statements. This spill of approximately 11,250 gallons of mineral oil in Washington, D.C., occurred when a third party contractor struck a 10-inch diameter steel casing of an underground mineral oil-filled power cable with a drilling rig.