• Power Delivery—Bringing Reliable Electric and Gas Service to our Customers

  • Power Delivery

    PHI's primary business is power delivery, which consists of the transmission and distribution of electricity as well as default supply of electricity for those customers who do not choose an alternative electricity supplier.  In addition, we deliver and supply natural gas. The power delivery business consists of the operations of Atlantic City Electric, Delmarva Power and Pepco. The data below is as of December 2013.

    • Pepco serves the District of Columbia and major portions of Prince George’s and Montgomery counties in Maryland
    • Delmarva Power serves the Delmarva Peninsula. Its natural gas customers are located in northern Delaware
    • Atlantic City Electric serves southern New Jersey

    Operating Company
    Service Customers Output Service Area Population
    Pepco Electric 801,000 25,801 GWh 640 sq. miles

      2.2 million
      Delmarva Power 
      Electric 506,000 12,465 GWh 5,000 sq. miles
      1.4 million
      Delmarva Power 
      126,000 20 Bcf 275 sq. miles

        .5 million
        Atlantic City Electric
        545,000 9,231 GWh 2,700 sq. miles  1.1 million 
        1,978,000 47,497 GWh       20 Bcf 8,340 sq. miles  4.7 million


        Service Area Map


        Each PHI utility owns and operates a network of wires, substations and other equipment that are classified as transmission facilities, distribution facilities or common facilities used for both transmission and distribution. Transmission facilities carry wholesale electricity into, or across, the utility's service territory. Distribution facilities carry electricity from the transmission facilities to the end-use customers located in the utility's service territory. The transmission facilities owned by Atlantic City Electric, Delmarva Power and Pepco are interconnected with the transmission facilities of contiguous utilities and are part of an interstate power transmission grid over which electricity is transmitted throughout the mid-Atlantic portion of the United States and parts of the Midwest. Atlantic City Electric, Delmarva Power and Pepco are individual members of the PJM Regional Transmission Organization (PJM RTO), the regional transmission organization designated by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to coordinate the movement of wholesale electricity within the PHI service territory. 

        Total Transmission/Subtransmission Voltage Feeder Circuit Miles (as of 12/31/2012) 

        Total Overhead Lines Underground Lines
        Atlantic City Electric 1,147 1,137 10
        Delmarva Power 
        1,542 1,542 8
        Pepco 1,938
        1,360 578
        Total 4,635
        4,039 596


        One mile of three phase conductor is one circuit mile. Each individual feeder is measured.

        Transmission/subtransmission voltage levels for each company are as follows:

        Pepco – 34 kV, 69 kV, 115 kV, 138 kV, 230 kV, 500 kV

        DPL – 69 kV, 138 kV, 230 kV, 500 kV

        ACE – 69 kV, 138 kV, 230 kV, 500 kV

        Each utility adheres to  PHI's Corporate Environmental Policy, following rigorous guidelines governing our environmental and resource sustainability standards, and implementing customer-focused energy conservation programs and adhering to Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS) under agreements with the regulatory authorities in each jurisdiction.

        The fuel mix of the energy delivered by each utility under its default service tariffs is available on the individual company's website, under Billing & Payments, Bill Inserts. The most recent fuel mix of each of PHI's utilities is provided below.

        Delmarva Delaware Fuel Mix

        Delmarva Maryland Fuel Mix

        Pepco D.C. Fuel Mix

        Pepco Maryland Fuel Mix

        Atlantic City Electric New Jersey Fuel Mix