• Potomac River Substation Release

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    PHI monitors sediment after the successful cleanup of a mineral oil release along the Potomac River in Alexandria, Va.

    In January 2011, a coupling failure on a transformer cooler pipe resulted in a release of non-toxic mineral oil at Pepco's Potomac River Substation in Alexandria, Va. An overflow of an underground secondary containment reservoir sent approximately 4,500 gallons of mineral oil to flow into the Potomac River. 

    Because of the oil release, we implemented operational changes to the secondary containment systems at the facility. In 2012, we began discussions with the District Department of the Environment (DDOE) to resolve the city’s claims for civil penalties for alleged violations of the District's Water Pollution Control law as well as for damages to natural resources. Pepco and DDOE have reached an agreement in principle that would consist of a civil penalty and supplemental environmental projects that will cost Pepco approximately $1 million. Discussions with DDOE continue about the specific nature and scope of the supplemental environmental projects, as well as the amount of the natural resource damage claim.