• Pollution Prevention

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    PHI emphasizes preventing pollution and minimizing the generation of waste throughout all our operations. Waste prevention and recycling efforts are apparent in every aspect of the company through emission reductions, energy conservation and product recycling. PHI companies vigilantly recycle electronics, metals, office paper, bulbs, batteries, antifreeze, tires and other commodities, such as creosote wood poles, meters and transformers. Through our Green Purchasing Program, we select and acquire products and services that have the least effect on the environment over their lifecycle of manufacturing, transportation, use and recycling or disposal. 

    We also implement measures to prevent releases of mineral oil from our equipment, to the extent practical, and contain any spills or leaks that do occur. We continually assess our operations and, when needed, improve our spill plans and programs to meet regulatory requirements, mitigate our pollution risks, incorporate good engineering practices and protect our natural resources.