• Pepco Energy Services' Energy Efficiency Services

  • Pepco Energy Services' engineers develop recommendations for institutional, government and industrial clients to reduce energy usage and identify optimum methods to monitor, measure and verify energy use for peak performance and cost savings. Through performance-based contracts we provide end users with innovative and environmentally-friendly technologies that include photovoltaics, solar hot water heating, LED lighting, co-generation, energy management controls systems, HVAC upgrades and water conservation, among other energy conservation measures.

    The solutions the company designs, builds and maintains generate enough savings that most of the projects are self-funding, allowing customers to shift operational dollars to fund capital improvements. Such projects are further supported by Pepco Energy Services through the provision of comprehensive operations and maintenance services that perpetuate energy savings and ensure long-term performance of the underlying assets. Pepco Energy Services has saved its clients more than $154 million in energy costs in the last decade alone.

    Every Pepco Energy Services project is unique, tailored to the client's particular needs and specifications. The following projects contracted in 2013 are typical in that the client had well-defined and challenging goals, and Pepco Energy Services created successful solutions for each.