• Internship Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. What should I wear?

    Business casual is the appropriate dress throughout PHI. However, there are departments in which you will be working with the public or your work area will require you to wear protective clothing. Check with your manager/supervisor to discuss appropriate attire for your assignment.

    Q. Who is my supervisor and where should I report for work?

    Your supervisor and information regarding your first day and orientation are provided in your offer.

    Q. I worked for PHI last summer. Am I required to complete another structured interview?

    If you participated in PHI’s internship program last summer and received an invitation to return to the same position, you are not required to participate in a structured interview.

    Q. What if I plan to take a class or have vacation planned for the summer?

    It will be your responsibility to advise the Staffing Consultant and/or Hiring Manager of your schedule during your phone screening and structured interview.

    Q. Am I eligible for benefits, paid vacation or housing allowance?

    PHI does not offer benefits, paid vacation or housing allowance to those individuals participating in the internship program. Interns are paid for company holidays, provided the holiday falls on a regularly scheduled work day.


    Please apply online.
    PHI is an Equal Opportunity Affirmative Action Employer