• Green Purchasing and Supply Chain Assessments

  • Our Green Purchasing Program involves selecting and acquiring products and services that will have the least impact on the environment over their lifecycle of manufacturing, transportation, use and recycling or disposal. Through the program, we buy goods and services from manufacturers and vendors who share this commitment to protecting health and the environment. This effort helps reduce pollution, conserve natural resources and energy, stimulate new markets for recycled materials, reduce expenses, limit liabilities and meet environmental laws and regulations.

    As management of the supply chain becomes more complex, we work closely with our suppliers to minimize environmental risks and liabilities. We have a Supplier Audit Program that reviews whether our suppliers comply with environmental regulations for waste transportation, storage, treatment, reclamation and disposal, emergency response services and any other applicable service provided to PHI's business units. The supplier audit program keeps the company informed about how well our current and potential suppliers are being managed, from both an operational and financial perspective. This information equips us to choose appropriate suppliers that best help us manage our environmental risks and liabilities.