• Fostering Energy Efficiency

    Atlantic City Electric purchased and installed these highly efficient and attractive light- emitting diode (LED) lights along the Atlantic City boardwalk in New Jersey.

    PHI believes that the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly kilowatt-hour of electricity is the one that's never produced. It is in everyone's interest to find ways to better manage our energy use so we can meet our future energy and environmental challenges.

    PHI's utility energy efficiency programs chart our regulated utilities' courses for reaching customer-focused sustainability goals. Initiatives have undergone an approval process with state regulatory commissions and are designed to help achieve energy and demand reduction goals established by the states where PHI utilities operate.

    Delaware and Maryland have established a goal of a 15 percent reduction in electric energy use and electric energy demand by 2015, while New Jersey is aiming for a 20 percent reduction for both by 2020. The District of Columbia has established third-party energy efficiency programs, but has not identified a specific reduction goal.

    In addition to the utility programs, PHI's competitive arm, Pepco Energy Services, offers a wide range of retail energy management solutions primarily to government and institutional customers.