• Enhancing Customer Experience

    PHI’s manager of Interactive Communications and Marketing displays PHI’s app for
    reporting power outages and monitoring restoration progress.

    We know how important electricity is to daily life and to keeping businesses up and running. So when we do experience power outages on our system, we want to restore service to our customers as quickly and safely as possible. To help us do that, we have taken a number of actions to improve customers’ restoration experience. These include:

    • Conducting comprehensive training for second role assignments for more than 2,300 employees to proactively prepare to restore power when needed. This is a standing, annual initiative for PHI
    • Contracting with a back-up crisis call center for the Delmarva and Atlantic region call centers
    • Upgrading our outage management system and training employees on its enhancements
    • Coordinating with all of the jurisdictional emergency management agencies within PHI’s service territory concerning emergency communication protocols and restoration priorities
    • Expanding two of our storm rooms at Delmarva Power to better manage storm events 

    We also have taken steps to improve our customer communications. These include:

    • Implementing an integrated communications plan directed toward educating customers, elected officials, regulators and the news media about our reliability and restoration improvements
    • Adopting a more transparent and proactive approach with the media, including holding daily press conferences, briefings and radio interviews and embedding reporters into our restoration operations during major storm events
    • Issuing radio and TV updates on the status of restoration efforts
    • Developing a new, customer-friendly layout for our storm centers on our utility websites, providing streamlined information
    • Enhancing our mobile app to enable customers to report their outages, view power outage maps to monitor restoration progress and get contact information
    • Creating a storm prep handbook that was sent to all customers, posted on our utility websites and as a Facebook tab
    • Creating and posting a video about the restoration process
    • Engaging in an active social media strategy
    • Using outbound calls to customers urging them to prepare for upcoming storms and providing other key information as necessary

    In another major customer satisfaction initiative, we are in the process of developing a new customer relationship management and billing system called SolutionOne. This new, single system will replace our two existing billing systems and will serve all of our utility customers. The new system will offer multiple benefits by integrating with other internal and external PHI systems. During 2014, we will focus on system testing before launching SolutionOne in 2015.