• Cranberry Farm Distribution Service Line Replacement

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    After a theft of an overhead distribution line, Atlantic City Electric needed to replace the line to provide service to a local cranberry grower. The project was in the New Jersey Pinelands, a vast national reserve in portions of seven counties in southern New Jersey. We chose to replace the overhead line with an underground line to more reliably serve the cranberry growing operation. The new service line was approximately 2 miles long and in a less environmentally sensitive location along a county road.

    In order to minimize impact to habitats, the project involved fluid boring beneath a stream and directional drilling beneath a lake. Because of its location, the project was regulated under the Pinelands Comprehensive Management Plan. Due diligence for permitting the underground line included assessments. Surveys showed that there were state endangered species in the project area, as well as in proximity. When building this line, we implemented best management practices under the Pinelands Commission authorization to avoid impact to these threatened or endangered species populations.