• Cox Hall Creek Tidal Wetlands Restoration

  • As part of the Corporate Wetlands Restoration Partnership, Atlantic City Electric provided funding for the restoration of Cox Hall Creek tidal wetlands. Cox Hall Creek is an 87-acre tidal basin in Lower Township, Cape May County, N.J. In the late 1800s, this area of wetlands was disconnected from the Delaware Bay to facilitate salt hay farming and mosquito control. This drastic change restricted important tidal flushing. The altered hydrologic regime has converted the Cox Hall Creek basin into a low-quality freshwater system dominated by a monotypic stand of the invasive phragmites, or common reed, which provides minimal value to waterfowl and other wildlife.          

    The restoration of native habitat along the New Jersey coast is critical for wildlife, especially migratory birds. Both the Cape May Peninsula and the Delaware Bay are world-renowned for supporting an abundance and diversity of shorebirds, wading birds and waterfowl, which utilize mud flats and shallow wetlands to refuel during migration.

    The purpose of the Cox Hall Creek restoration is to restore estuarine intertidal emergent wetlands for fish and wildlife through the reintroduction of tidal inundation into the basin. It will be accomplished by installing a large water control structure and connecting pipe to facilitate managed bidirectional flow between the basin and Delaware Bay. Control of the phragmites will be accomplished through improved exchange between the two water bodies.