• Construction Projects Environmental Compliance Monitoring

  • We are committed to mitigating and minimizing environmental impact from all of our construction activities. In 2013, we continued implementing a third-party Environmental Monitoring Program to ensure compliance with environmental plans, permits and other regulations for construction projects. Through this program, environmental monitors carefully review site conditions and construction activities and provide recommendations to avoid and/or minimize environmental impact and compliance risks wherever possible. The environmental monitor also is responsible for ensuring that best management practices associated with water, land, cultural, plant and animal resources protection are implemented at each of our construction sites.

    The environmental monitor works directly with our construction management representatives to conduct field assessments, make recommendations for additional controls or protection and ensure that regulated resources are clearly demarcated. The environmental monitor also tracks weather conditions to make proactive pre-storm recommendations that are protective of the site's surrounding natural resources. In addition, the environmental monitor provides daily reports to our environmental planning and construction management teams through an online environmental monitoring toolkit, which is used to track project resource impacts and good management practices. The program continues to be an integral part of our construction projects.