• Cedar Creek Substation Wetland Restoration

  • To compensate for wetland conversion that resulted from the expansion of the Cedar Creek Substation in Delaware’s New Castle County, Delmarva Power worked with the Army Corps of Engineers under Nationwide Permit 27 (aquatic habitat restoration, establishment and enhancement activities) to mitigate for impacts associated with the expansion occurring within wetlands in the substation. The construction work required discharging fill material into .216 acres of non-tidal wetlands in order to expand electrical equipment and restore 0.226 acres of emergent wetlands on the site within the substation to compensate for the wetland loss.  

    The goal of the wetland restoration proposal was to compensate for the ecological function and values of the permitted wetland loss. Cedar Creek Substation is located between tributaries to Sawmill Branch on the west and Cedar Swamp to the east; both tributaries lead to the Delaware River. Soil erosion and sediment controls, including perimeter controls and the implementation of environmental protection measures, were installed and maintained throughout the life of the project. An environmental monitor was on site to oversee construction and wetland restoration.  

    Restoration was completed in spring 2013, and monitoring continued throughout the year to ensure the enhancement of the functional value of the wetlands.  

    These wetland restoration projects are examples of how we maintain and upgrade facilities in ways that promote environmental stewardship and conservation.