• Carneys Point Wetland Mitigation Bank

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    Atlantic City Electric provided wetland mitigation to compensate for wetland conversion that resulted from constructing a transmission line in Gloucester County, N.J. The wetland site was created in 2008, and we continue to monitor its progress.

    Our work on this project, which will continue until 2015, includes creating a mosaic of forested and scrub-shrub wetlands in areas where there were once open mowed fields, farm land, degraded farmed wetlands and woodland edge. The creation and enhancement of site wetlands will increase the functional value of these areas, particularly in regard to plant and wildlife habitat.  

    A quality control and assurance plan helps ensure the project's success. A component of the plan is to use adaptive management, a science-based approach to managing ecological systems and communities that are continuously evolving. Independent scientists make up the adaptive management team, which monitors the site and recommends improvements based on site conditions. Adaptations are made to ensure the wetland's sustainability at the end of the maintenance and monitoring period.