• Carbon Disclosure Project

  • PHI remains in the top tier of Standard & Poor’s 500 index of utility companies within the Carbon Disclosure Project’s (CDP’s) annual carbon performance category. PHI has made concerted efforts to reduce its carbon footprint over the last several years. These results provided further validation that we have made significant strides in identifying and managing our carbon footprint.

    A main component of the CDP's annual S&P 500 report, the Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index highlights S&P 500 companies that have displayed the most professional approach to corporate governance with respect to climate change disclosure. Companies are rated on their climate change disclosure practices, with high scores indicating good internal data management and understanding of climate change issues affecting the company.

    The CDP conducts a rigorous annual survey of companies from around the world. The companies participate voluntarily and provide detailed information about their environmental standards and performance. Participating companies report data on their historic levels of greenhouse gas emissions, development and implementation of monitoring and reduction protocols, and historic and recent performance against self-developed reduction goals.

    Continued participation in the CDP enables PHI to better understand emerging risks and opportunities associated with climate change and to manage, mitigate and adapt to the potential consequences of a changing climate.