• Cape May Wildlife Refuge Maritime Forest Restoration

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    In partnership with the New Jersey Audubon Society and New Jersey Parks and Forestry, Atlantic City Electric funded a long-term restoration project in Cape May Point State Park, a critical habitat for local wildlife and migratory birds. The park supports a diversity of native birds and other species including shorebirds, migrating songbirds and raptors, wading birds and waterfowl, the breeding state-endangered Southern gray treefrog, and a wide diversity and abundance of Lepidoptera (butterflies and moths) and dragonflies.  

    Currently in the fourth year of this 5-acre maritime forest restoration, volunteers are working to reduce the growth of invasive plants to help regenerate native plants. The lack of native vegetation degrades the forest structure and food resources needed to support nesting, resting and feeding activities of native wildlife. To help manage the regrowth of native species, a monitoring program has been put in place and deer fencing installed where necessary.

    Within the first year of oversight, monitoring indicates a reduction of invasive species. Bird diversity is also expected to improve as the site is gradually restored to a healthier forest habitat.